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The City of Alameda Democratic Club is part of Alameda’s community!


The City of Alameda Democratic Club is one of the oldest and most active Democratic clubs in the East Bay. We stand at the forefront when it comes to Democratic campaign, election, and voter registration activities in the County of Alameda. Our effectiveness comes directly from the involvement and support of members just like you.



The City of Alameda Democratic Club is determined to reawaken the great sense of the local community. We advance these goals by getting the community involved, supporting good candidates, and education. Donations to the club support the club getting out to the community to let them know there are many Democrats in the East Bay, sponsoring events, voter registration, door-to-door neighborhood walking, or sending of mailers. We usually maintain an office location during the election season. Contact us if you wish to volunteer.


Please join us for our annual holiday brunch on Sunday, December 7th.  Click here to download the invitation and reply form.